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Why We Started

Aura Management started in 2006.
Strong Need of First Time Right Approach in Recruitment.
Big Shortage of Required Competencies,Although no Shortage of People.
Mismatch in Education and the Needs of Organisations & Society.
Need of  Reliable Advice and Support to Foreign Investors.

Our Belief

We believe in Turn around vs. helping healthy companies thrive and grow.
We believe in Transformation as against incremental improvements
We believe in Peicemeal vs cradle to grave approach.

The Aura Difference

Consulting vs extensive project based interventions
Transformation - Organization wide
One size does not fit all

Brief View of Services

Staffing and recruitment Solutions
Performance Improvement Solutions
Structured Capability Development
Project Management
Thrive and Grow solutions
CEO advisory

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Brief Summary of a Big Endeavour
Brief Summary of a Big

Our Vision is to be recognised by
our customers as their best
Supplier and we are continuously
working on it.
Aura Management

About Us
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Shakunt Mishra-Sharing Best Mgmt Practices
while receiving Best Supplier Award  at JCB
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